Mobile Gun System M1128 Stryker1-9

M1128: General
Date of first acceptance July 2006 Total acceptances 142
Manufacturer GM GDLS Defense Group, L.L.C. Crew
3 men:
  • Commander in turret right
  • Gunner in turret left
  • Driver in hull left front
M1128: Dimensions
Gross weight 47,070lbs
Height 130.44"
Length 300.53"
Width 116.34"
Wheel clearance 21"
M1128: Armament
Type Mount Ammunition Traverse Max traverse rate Elevation
105mm Gun M68A1E8 Turret 18 rounds 360°
45°/sec +15° to -5°
7.62mm M240C MG Coaxial to 105mm gun 3,400 rounds
500 ready)
45°/sec +15° to -5°
.50cal M2HB MG Flexible on turret skate mount 400 rounds Manual -- Manual
Aiming equipment
Compact Modular Sight and Kollmorgen Model 224 auxiliary optical sight for gunner; Commander's Display Unit and Kollmorgen Model 224 auxiliary optical sight for commander
Azimuth and elevation
Night vision
HIRES SA thermal for gunner; thermal panoramic viewer and Commander's Display Unit for commander; AN/VAS-5 thermal for driver
M1128: Armor
High hard steel structure
Maximum .5"
M1128: Automotive
Engine Caterpillar 3126; 6-cylinder, 4-cycle inline turbocharged diesel
Horsepower 350@2,500rpm Fuel capacity 53gal
Transmission Allison MD 3066P, 6 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering Hydraulic, steering wheel
Brakes Dual-circuit hydraulic with air-power assist; anti-lock system on rear 3 axles
M1128: Suspension
Type Road wheels Shock absorbers
Hydropneumatic 4/side On each wheel
M1128: Performance
Max level road speed 60mph
Max trench 78"
Max grade 60% Max sideslope 30%
Max vertical obstacle 23"
Min turning diameter 52'
Max fording depth 66.9"
Cruising range ~300mi, roads
~480km, roads

The Stryker mobile gun system was designed to give direct-fire support to Stryker brigade combat teams, and it shares nearly 70% parts commonality with the Stryker ICV on which it is based. The gun is a version of the 105mm gun M68 found in tanks such as the M60 and M1 Abrams, and it is mounted upside-down in a low-profile turret with the commander and gunner seated to each side of the ordnance. Either man can operate the turret and weapons. All eighteen 105mm rounds are contained in an automatic loader capable of a six round/minute sustained rate of fire, with eight rounds in a turret ready carousel between the gunner and commander and ten in a replenisher magazine in the hull rear. Replenishment of the turret carousel is an automated process, but in an emergency the gun can be manually loaded from inside the vehicle via a small hatch. The vehicle's hydropneumatic recoil system allows the gun to be fired at any position relative to the hull. Early vehicles featured two four-barreled M6 66mm smoke grenade launchers on each side on the main gun and a swing arm mount for the .50cal machine gun, but later vehicles have the commander's MG mounted on a skate rail and only a single smoke grenade launcher on his side. The base armor can be supplemented, and slat armor can be mounted to help deal with antitank rockets, especially.

The M1128 was not modified with the double-V hull configuration, but Stryker A1 upgrades were instituted beginning in 2018. These included a 450hp engine; 60,000lb (27,000kg) suspension; 910-amp alternator; and an in-vehicle network.




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