Mack Armored Car1-4

Mack: General
Date of first acceptance 1916 Total acceptances 1
Manufacturer Mack Brothers Co. Crew 5-7 men
Mack: Dimensions
Combat weight 9,052lbs
Height over MG barbettes 100"
Length overall 236"
Width 76"
Wheelbase 144"
Mack: Armament
Type Mount
Two .30cal Colt MGs Flexible in passenger compartment
Mack: Armor
Mack: Automotive
Engine 4 cylinder, 4 cycle, gasoline
Horsepower 45
Steering Steering wheel
Mack: Suspension
Road wheels
2/side (dual rear)
Mack: Performance
Max level road speed 30mph

The Mack armored car, based on Mack's AB 2-ton truck, was privately financed for the New York National Guard along with two similar vehicles, one based on Locomobile's 6-cylinder 48 hp truck and the other on a White truck chassis. The White vehicle also used a 4-cylinder engine, weighed 8,690lb (3,940kg), and could travel at 30mph (50kph). The open-topped armored bodies were essentially identical, and a machine gun could be mounted on each side of the vehicle near the opposite corners of the rear compartment. The gunners were protected by shields, though these were noted as "barbettes" in contemporary sketches. The engine radiator grilles of the vehicles took different shapes throughout their lives in response to cooling requirements, and were sometimes made of sheet metal. All three vehicles saw service along the Mexican border in the mid-late 1910s, but none saw actual combat.

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