Self-propelled Guided Missile Carrier M7271-4

M727: General
Manufacturer FMC Corp. Crew
4 men:
  • Driver in cab left front
  • 3 passengers in cab
M727: Dimensions
Combat weight 28,400lbs
Height 98.5"
Length 236"
Width 100"
M727: Armament
Type Mount Ammunition Traverse Elevation
MIM-23 HAWK missiles M754 in cargo compartment 3 missiles 360°
+85° to -15°
M727: Armor
M727: Automotive
Engine General Motors 6V53; 6 cylinder, 2 cycle, vee diesel
Horsepower Gross: 202@2,800rpm Fuel capacity 190gal
Transmission Allison TX-100-1, 3 ranges forward, 1 reverse
Steering DS200 controlled differential, steering levers
Brakes Differential band
M727: Suspension
Type Road wheels Track return rollers
Torsion bar 5 individually sprung dual/track Flat track
Drive sprockets Idlers
10-tooth front drive Dual adjustable at rear of track
M727: Track
Center guide, single pin, steel with detachable rubber pad
Width 15"
Pitch 6"
Center guide, single pin, steel with detachable rubber pad
Width 15"
Pitch 6"
M727: Performance
Max level road speed 40mph
Min turning diameter 28'
Max fording depth 42"
Cruising range ~485mi, roads
~781km, roads

The M727 was used as a transport and launching platform for the MIM-23 HAWK (Homing All the Way Killer) antiaircraft missile. It utilized the powertrain and suspension of the cargo carrier M548, but stronger torsion bars were used to deal with the increased weight imposed by the large missiles and their launcher. An hydraulic suspension lock-up was employed when loading or firing the missiles. Three missiles could be loaded onto the guided missile launcher M754 that was mounted behind the cab. Upper and lower steel blast deflectors protected the cab during firing; the lower blast deflector folded upward and forward onto the upper deflector for travel. An aluminum blast cover was stowed on the cab roof, and was installed over the windshield before firing.

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