Armored Car M11-5

M1: General
Date of first acceptance 1931 Total acceptances 20
Manufacturer James Cunningham, Son, and Co. Crew 4 men
M1: Dimensions
Combat weight 10,233lbs
Height 83"
Length 180"
Width 72"
Tread 59.75"
Wheelbase 141"
Ground clearance 7.85"
M1: Armament
Type Mount Traverse Elevation
.50cal M1920 MG Combination mount T5 in turret 360°
.30cal M1919 MG Coaxial to .50cal MG 360°
M1: Armor
Maximum .375"
Minimum .25"
M1: Automotive
Engine Cunningham; 8 cylinder, 4 cycle, vee gasoline
Horsepower 133@2,800rpm Fuel capacity 30gal
Transmission 4 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering Steering wheel
M1: Suspension
Type Road wheels
Leaf spring 3/side
M1: Performance
Max level road speed 55mph
Max grade 23°
Max fording depth 21"
Cruising range ~250mi

The 6x4 armored car M1 was driven by the two rear axles. A free-wheeling spare wheel was mounted on each side between the front and center axles so that it could help with obstacle crossing. The drivers were provided with a folding armor windscreen that could pivot down when needed.




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