Armored Car T18E2 Boarhound.

This machine is the second pilot T18E2 and is armed with the 57mm gun Mark III instead of the 57mm gun M1 of the production vehicles. The M1 featured a longer, thinner barrel (52.1 calibers from the muzzle to the rear breech face versus 45.0 calibers for the Mk.III) and was also lighter, at 727.5lb (330.0kg) versus 761lb (345kg). The drivers were provided with doors to their front and side, and entered via doors above their seats in the hull roof. The British No.19 radio set would be installed in the turret bustle, and one of the jettisonable fuel tanks can be seen mounted on the hull rear. (Picture from Development of Armored Vehicles, volume II: Armored Cars, Scout Cars, and Personnel Carriers.)

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Last updated 8 Jul 2020.
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